garage door and fire door

macanic dock levelersFEATURE SUMMARY
• Smooth & Easy Walkout Lip Extension
• Center Position Holdown Eliminates Deck Twist for Level Storage
• Minimum Five Rear Solid Steel Frame Supports
• Black & Yellow Stripes on Side Skirts
• Full Width Rear Hinge Rod
• Working Range Welded Side Guards
• Fixed Rear Hinge Eliminates Pinch, Trip or Impact Point
• Dual Side 33% Beam to Deck Weld Pattern
• Heavy–Duty Spring Counter Balance System
• Lip & Deck Constructed From Minimum 50,000 PSI-Yield Safety Tread Plate
• Open Frame Design for Easy Pit Cleaning
• Dual Pawl Holdown System Reduces Upward Deck Movement During Storage
• Integral Maintenance Support
• Security Night Lock
• Two Dock Bumpers Included